Press Releases

Writing a press release that will draw the attention of journalists and Web users is not an easy task.

If you are a small or medium-size company, it is not easy to get exposure. And, if the product you are selling is not unique, the chances that anyone will read your press release and will take action are not high if your press release is not properly written.  

Interteam Content Services can help you turn your press release into a powerful tool that will generate more traffic to your site and will get high exposure on search results pages. 

Our management team, with its business and financial journalism background, knows exactly what the media is looking for. We write press releases that attract the interest of media professionals and increase the exposure our clients get.  

We believe in short, focused and straight to the point press releases. Our materials are written in simple language, so that even those who are not experts in your field will clearly understand what your company is doing and why your press release is newsworthy and important.  

Interteam Content Services will help you define what the relevant news is and how it should be presented.  

Interteam also offers distribution services for press releases through newswires and the Web.  

For example, press releases that are posted on the Web should be treated differently from the old-style printed releases. Unlike the printed version, which is specifically written for media specialists and journalists, Web PR is aimed at all those using the ‘Net. These can be clients, investors, competitors and many others.   

Interteam Content Services has experience in writing press releases that are directed specifically to the Web. These press releases include all the relevant links to other sites and related information.  

Interteam press releases have the following advantages: